EXO Mini Pro Review 2023 (The Hidden Secrets Revealed)

David Cassiel

Hello there, my fellow drone enthusiasts. Welcome to my EXO Mini Pro review 2023.

When it comes to exploring the world from above, drones have become an increasingly popular choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

One company that has caught my attention in the drone market is EXO Drones. Let me give you a quick overview of this exciting brand before we dive into the specifics of their flagship model, the EXO Mini Pro.

EXO Drones, a US-based company, entered the scene with a mission to shake up the drone market, which had long been dominated by DJI. In less than two years, they have rapidly grown, serving nearly 50,000 customers exclusively in North America.

Their goal? To provide innovative drones that offer exceptional value for money, starting from just $99. What sets EXO Drones apart is their unwavering commitment to customer support, offering a range of services from tutorial videos to a free Part 107 course with every drone order.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the star of the show – the EXO Mini Pro. This compact and powerful drone has generated quite a buzz with its promising features and capabilities.

Designed in collaboration with strategic partners like Hubsan, the EXO Mini Pro aims to deliver a remarkable flying experience. With its sleek design and advanced technology, it’s no wonder that drone enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

The EXO Mini Pro claims to offer an impressive array of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned pilots.

From extended flight times and exceptional camera capabilities to obstacle avoidance and intelligent flight modes, it promises to take your aerial adventures to new heights. But does it truly live up to its claims?

Join me as we delve into the nitty-gritty details, testing the EXO Mini Pro’s performance, examining its specifications, and exploring real-life scenarios to determine if this drone is worth the hype.

So, if you’re as curious as I am to uncover the truth about the EXO Mini Pro, buckle up and get ready for an in-depth exploration. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we unravel the features, examine its flight performance, and evaluate its value for money.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, an aspiring filmmaker, or simply seeking a thrilling flying experience, this review aims to provide you with the insights you need to make an informed decision. Let’s take flight and discover if the EXO Mini Pro truly lives up to its claims.

EXO Mini Pro Company Background

About EXO Drones Background

EXO Drones as a US-Based Company

Let’s start with a brief overview of EXO Drones, the US-based company that has been making waves in the drone market.

Founded with a mission to challenge the long-standing dominance of DJI, EXO Drones has quickly established itself as a formidable player in the industry.

Their innovative approach and commitment to delivering value for money have been key drivers of their success.

Growth and Customer Base

What sets EXO Drones apart is their remarkable growth within a short span of time. It’s truly impressive to see how they’ve garnered a loyal customer base of nearly 50,000 enthusiasts in less than two years.

This rapid expansion is a testament to the quality and appeal of their products, as well as their dedication to customer satisfaction.


In a move that further solidifies their ambitions, EXO Drones caught the attention of OpenStore, leading to their acquisition in August 2022.

This strategic partnership is aimed at providing even more affordable and professional-grade drones to the market.

With the combined expertise and resources, EXO Drones and OpenStore are poised to take the drone industry by storm, bringing cutting-edge technology within reach of more aspiring pilots.

Distribution Model and Partnerships

EXO Drones has adopted an exclusive distribution model, allowing them to offer their drones under the EXO Drones brand exclusively in North America.

To bring their vision to life, they have established partnerships with several drone companies in China, one of which is Hubsan.

This strategic alliance enables EXO Drones to offer drones that are specifically tailored to the North American market, while benefiting from the expertise and manufacturing capabilities of their Chinese partners.

Just like a well-choreographed dance, the collaboration between EXO Drones and Hubsan ensures that the drones hitting the North American shelves bear the mark of excellence.

This unique distribution model allows EXO Drones to bring a diverse range of high-quality drones to the fingertips of drone enthusiasts, providing them with a gateway to exciting aerial adventures.

EXO Mini Pro Package Contents and Accessories

EXO Mini Package Contents and Accessories

Let’s dive into what you can expect to find inside the EXO Mini package. It’s always exciting to unbox a new drone and discover all the goodies that come along with it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s included:

Carry Bag

First up, there’s a sleek and convenient carry bag. This bag not only provides a safe and secure place to store your EXO Mini Pro but also makes it incredibly easy to transport your drone and its accessories wherever your adventures take you.

Whether you’re hiking through rugged terrain or heading to a picturesque location, the carry bag ensures that your drone is always within reach.

EXO Mini Pro Drone

Of course, the star of the show is the EXO Mini Pro drone itself. This compact yet powerful drone is a marvel of engineering and design. However, it’s worth noting that the package does not include the battery.

Don’t worry, though. You have the freedom to choose the package that suits your needs, whether it includes one, two, three, or even four batteries. Having spare batteries can significantly extend your flight time, allowing you to capture more breathtaking moments from the sky.

EXO Mini Pro Battery and Multi-Charger

When it’s time to recharge, the package includes a battery/controller charger. This convenient charger allows you to replenish the power of both the drone’s battery and the controller, ensuring that you’re always ready for your next flight.

And if you have multiple batteries, fear not! A multi-charger unit is provided, allowing you to charge several batteries simultaneously, saving you time and keeping you in the air for longer.

EXO Mini Pro Controller and Propellers

To control the drone with precision, a dedicated drone controller is included. This controller ensures smooth and responsive handling, giving you the freedom to explore the skies and capture incredible footage from unique angles. It’s like having the power of flight at your fingertips.

No drone is complete without its propellers, and the EXO Mini Pro comes with two sets of propellers. These propellers are essential for stable flight and maneuverability.

Plus, having an extra set of propellers on hand gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared in case of any unforeseen mishaps during your drone adventures.

EXO Mini Pro Manual

To ensure you’re well-equipped with the necessary knowledge, the package also includes the EXO Mini manual.

This handy guide will walk you through the setup process, familiarize you with the drone’s features, and provide helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your flying experience.

It’s like having your own personal instructor right at your fingertips.

Spare Joysticks

We all know that accidents happen, and sometimes joysticks can get damaged or misplaced. That’s why the EXO Mini Pro package includes two spare joysticks.

These little lifesavers ensure that you can continue flying and controlling your drone with ease, even if the original joysticks encounter an unexpected bump along the way.

Part 107 Training Course

As an added bonus, the EXO Mini Pro package comes with some exciting extras. You’ll receive a free Part 107 Training Course valued at $200. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and certification necessary for commercial drone operation, giving you the opportunity to take your aerial skills to new heights.

EXO Premium

Additionally, you’ll enjoy one year of EXO Premium, valued at $49. Though the specifics of EXO Premium are not explicitly mentioned, it’s likely to offer exclusive benefits and enhanced support, further enriching your drone-flying experience.

EXO LUTs and Presets

For those who are passionate about photography and video editing, the package includes all 24 EXO LUTs (Look-Up Tables) and all 24 EXO Presets, valued at $49.00 and $29.00, respectively.

These image enhancement tools can be used during post-processing to bring out the full potential of your aerial captures, adding a professional touch to your visuals.

Phone Connection Cables

To connect your mobile device to the drone’s controller for live video streaming and control, the package includes phone connection cables.

You’ll find a lighting cable, a Type C cable, and a Micro cable, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and making it convenient to monitor your drone’s flight and capture those epic shots.

Gimbal Cover

Protecting your drone’s delicate gimbal is crucial, which is why a gimbal cover is included in the package. This cover shields the gimbal from potential damage during transportation or storage, giving you added peace of mind.


Last but not least, you’ll find a handy screwdriver in the package. This tool comes in handy for any assembly or maintenance needs that may arise during your drone ownership journey.

It’s a small but valuable addition that ensures you’re prepared for any situation.

Professional Explained Content Creation Series

With the EXO Mini Pro package, you’re equipped with everything you need to take flight and embark on incredible aerial adventures.

From the drone itself to the essential accessories, the thoughtful inclusions and bonuses make this package a comprehensive and exciting choice for both beginners and experienced drone pilots.

EXO Mini Pro Specifications

EXO Mini Specifications

Quadcopter Specifications

Let’s dive into the heart of the EXO Mini Pro and explore its comprehensive quadcopter specifications.

This compact drone boasts dimensions of 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches when folded and expands to 8 x 6 x 2.5 inches when unfolded.

With a weight of just 249 grams (excluding the battery), this lightweight powerhouse is a breeze to maneuver through the skies.

Battery Specifications, Flight Time, and Transmission Range

When it comes to range and battery specifications, the EXO Mini Pro doesn’t disappoint. With a maximum flight time of 40 minutes, you’ll have ample opportunity to capture breathtaking aerial footage and explore distant horizons.

The transmission range reaches an impressive 10 kilometers, allowing you to venture further and maintain a strong connection with the drone.

And with a maximum flight distance of 18.5 kilometers, the EXO Mini Pro offers you the freedom to embark on exciting long-range explorations.

Camera Specifications, Video Resolution and Stabilization

Now, let’s turn our attention to the camera specifications, as capturing stunning visuals is often a top priority for drone enthusiasts. The EXO Mini Pro excels in this department with its impressive video resolution of 4K at 30 frames per second.

Whether you’re recording breathtaking landscapes or fast-paced action, this drone ensures exceptional clarity and detail in every frame.

The 48-megapixel photo resolution guarantees that your aerial snapshots are nothing short of stunning.

Thanks to its 3-axis gimbal stabilization, the EXO Mini Pro delivers smooth and shake-free footage, even in challenging flight conditions, ensuring professional-quality results.

Smart Features and App Compatibility

Beyond the camera, the EXO Mini Pro boasts a range of general specifications that enhance its overall functionality.

With smart features like Waypoint Fly, Line-Fly, and Return to Home (to name just a few), this drone offers versatility and convenience in your aerial endeavors.

The Blackhawk 2 app serves as your gateway to seamless control and live video streaming, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Safety is also a top priority, with features like Lost Connection Safety and Low Battery Safety ensuring a worry-free flying experience.

Gimbal Specifications and Controllable Range

The gimbal specifications of the EXO Mini Pro deserve a special mention. Equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, this drone allows for precise control and stabilization of the camera.

The tilt range spans from -120 to +45 degrees, enabling you to capture dynamic shots from various angles. Additionally, the pan range offers a wide perspective with a range of +/- 35 degrees.

With such flexibility, the gimbal empowers you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning footage from unique perspectives.

With its impressive quadcopter, range and battery, camera, general, and gimbal specifications, the EXO Mini Pro sets the stage for an exhilarating aerial adventure.

These specifications showcase the drone’s capabilities, ensuring that you’re equipped with a powerful and versatile tool to capture stunning aerial visuals.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, aspiring filmmaker, or simply seeking the thrill of exploring the world from above, the EXO Mini Pro is poised to exceed your expectations.

EXO Mini Pro Design and Build Quality

EXO Mini Design and Build Quality

Dimensions and Weight

The EXO Mini Pro drone impresses with its compact dimensions and lightweight construction. When folded, it measures 5.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry around.

When you’re ready to take flight, simply unfold it to a size of 8 x 6 x 2.5 inches, ensuring a stable and agile flying experience.

Weighing in at just 249 grams (excluding the battery), this drone feels remarkably light in your hands, allowing for effortless control and maneuverability.

Foldable Design for Portability

One standout feature of the EXO Mini Pro’s design is its foldable structure. This innovative design allows the drone to be easily folded and unfolded, making it highly convenient for transport and storage.

Whether you’re heading out on an outdoor adventure or packing your gear for a professional shoot, the foldable design ensures that the EXO Mini Pro can accompany you wherever your passion for aerial exploration takes you.

Quality of Materials and Construction

When it comes to build quality, the EXO Mini Pro doesn’t compromise. The drone is crafted using high-quality materials that are built to withstand the rigors of flight and outdoor environments.

From its durable frame to its reliable components, every aspect of the EXO Mini Pro’s construction exudes quality and attention to detail.

This robust build ensures that the drone can withstand the occasional bumps and knocks that may occur during your flying adventures, giving you the confidence to push the boundaries and capture stunning footage without worry.

Just like a well-crafted piece of technology, the EXO Mini Pro’s design and build quality blend seamlessly to create a reliable and user-friendly drone.

Its compact dimensions and foldable design make it a breeze to transport, while the use of top-notch materials guarantees durability and longevity.

So, whether you’re embarking on thrilling outdoor escapades or capturing breathtaking aerial imagery, the EXO Mini Pro is ready to take flight and accompany you on your journey.

EXO Mini Pro Camera Performance and Imaging

EXO Mini Camera Performance and Imaging

Camera’s Maximum Video and Photo Resolutions

The EXO Mini Pro’s camera is a powerhouse when it comes to capturing stunning visuals. With a maximum video resolution of 4K at 30 frames per second, this drone allows you to record breathtaking aerial footage in exceptional clarity and detail.

Whether you’re documenting your outdoor adventures or creating professional-quality content, the EXO Mini Pro’s camera is ready to deliver impressive results.

Sensor, Stabilization, and Maximum Video Bitrate

The camera’s sensor plays a crucial role in capturing sharp and vibrant images. The EXO Mini Pro features a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, ensuring excellent image quality and dynamic range.

But it doesn’t stop there—this drone is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal stabilization system. This advanced technology ensures that your footage remains smooth and steady, even during high-speed maneuvers or in gusty wind conditions.

Additionally, the EXO Mini Pro offers a maximum video bitrate of 100-200 Mbps, ensuring that every detail of your recordings is faithfully preserved.

Camera Features

The camera of the EXO Mini Pro comes with several other notable features that contribute to its impressive performance.

The aperture, ranging from f/1.85 to f/12, allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the lens, giving you more creative control over your shots.

The wide field of view (FOV) of 84 degrees ensures that you can capture expansive landscapes and breathtaking aerial perspectives.

Additionally, the ISO range from 100 to 6400 (auto) enables the camera to adapt to different lighting conditions, ensuring optimal exposure and minimizing noise.

Photo and Video Formats

In terms of photo and video formats, the EXO Mini Pro offers flexibility and compatibility. For still images, you have the option to capture in JPEG or DNG format, allowing for post-processing and editing to achieve your desired results.

When it comes to video, the EXO Mini Pro records in MP4 format using the efficient H.265/HEVC codec, which strikes a balance between file size and video quality.

These options give you the freedom to tailor your workflow and achieve the best possible outcome for your creative vision.

With its impressive camera specifications, the EXO Mini Pro opens up a world of possibilities for aerial photography and videography.

The combination of high-resolution video and photo capabilities, advanced sensor technology, gimbal stabilization, adjustable aperture, wide FOV, and versatile photo and video formats ensures that you can capture stunning visuals that truly stand out.

Whether you’re a professional content creator or an enthusiast looking to document your adventures from new heights, the EXO Mini Pro’s camera performance and imaging capabilities are sure to exceed your expectations.

EXO Mini Pro Flight Performance and Features

EXO Mini Flight Performance and Features

Maneuverability and Speed Levels

When it comes to flight performance, the EXO Mini Pro is a true delight to maneuver. With its agile design and responsive controls, this drone offers an exhilarating flying experience.

Whether you’re navigating through tight spaces or soaring across open landscapes, the EXO Mini Pro’s maneuverability allows you to capture unique perspectives and execute smooth aerial maneuvers.

Additionally, the drone offers different speed levels, including Sport, Normal, and Film, allowing you to adjust the flight characteristics to suit your needs and preferences.

GPS/GLONASS Satellite Systems and Return-To-Home Functionality

The EXO Mini Pro takes advantage of advanced satellite systems, specifically GPS and GLONASS, to provide precise positioning and navigation capabilities.

These systems ensure that your drone stays on track, allowing you to focus on capturing breathtaking footage.

Moreover, the drone features a reliable return-to-home functionality. In the event of a lost connection or low battery, the EXO Mini Pro can safely and autonomously return to its takeoff point, providing you with peace of mind and minimizing the risk of losing your valuable equipment.

Hovering Accuracy and Operating Temperatures

Precision is key when it comes to capturing professional-quality aerial footage, and the EXO Mini Pro delivers with its impressive hovering accuracy.

Whether you’re in ATTl mode or GPS mode, the drone maintains a remarkable hovering accuracy range of +/- 1/3ft (ATTI) and +/- 1.4ft (GPS).

This level of precision ensures stable shots and smooth footage, even in challenging flight conditions. Additionally, the drone operates within a wide range of temperatures, from 32 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to take to the skies in various climates and environments.

With its nimble maneuverability, adjustable speed levels, GPS/GLONASS satellite systems, and reliable return-to-home functionality, the EXO Mini Pro is designed to deliver a top-notch flight experience.

Whether you’re an experienced pilot looking for precise control or a beginner venturing into the world of aerial photography, this drone’s flight performance and features provide the perfect balance of excitement and stability.

So, get ready to embark on thrilling adventures and capture stunning footage from the sky with the EXO Mini Pro by your side.

EXO Mini Pro Intelligent Flight Features

EXO Mini Intelligent Flight Features


Imagine capturing stunning aerial footage of your outdoor adventures without worrying about piloting the drone.

With the Follow-Me feature of the EXO Mini Pro, the drone can autonomously track and film your movements, keeping you in the frame as you hike, cycle, or engage in other activities.

This hands-free experience allows you to focus on your adventure while the drone captures dynamic shots from the sky.

Waypoint Fly

Take your creativity to new heights with the Waypoint Fly feature. Simply plot a flight path on the app’s map interface, and the EXO Mini Pro will navigate along the designated route, capturing footage at each waypoint.

This feature opens up endless possibilities for creating captivating aerial videos, whether you’re showcasing a scenic journey or highlighting specific points of interest.

Return to Home

Safety is paramount in drone flying, and the Return to Home feature offers peace of mind. In the event of signal loss or low battery, the EXO Mini Pro will automatically initiate its return journey to the takeoff point.

This intelligent function ensures that your drone lands safely, minimizing the risk of losing your valuable equipment and allowing you to focus on capturing remarkable footage.


Losing sight of your drone can be a nerve-wracking experience, but the EXO Mini Pro has you covered. With the Find-Drone feature, you can easily locate your drone by triggering an audible signal or activating the blinking lights on the aircraft.

This handy feature comes to the rescue, especially when flying in larger open areas or during dusk or dawn.

Gesture Commands

Take control of your drone with simple hand gestures. The EXO Mini Pro’s Gesture Commands feature allows you to execute specific actions, such as taking a photo or initiating a recording, by using predefined gestures recognized by the drone.

It’s like having a personal aerial photographer at your command, responding to your every move.

Line Fly

Capture cinematic shots effortlessly with the Line Fly feature. By drawing a line on the app’s map interface, you can set a virtual flight path for the EXO Mini Pro.

The drone will follow the path, allowing you to create smooth and precise shots, such as stunning panoramic sweeps or tracking shots along a defined trajectory.

Wind Resist Mode

Mother Nature doesn’t always provide ideal flying conditions, but the Wind Resist Mode of the EXO Mini Pro ensures stability even in breezy situations.

This intelligent flight mode allows the drone to compensate for wind gusts, maintaining a steady position and delivering smooth footage.

So, even on windy days, you can trust the EXO Mini Pro to provide reliable and impressive performance.

With its array of intelligent flight features, the EXO Mini Pro empowers you to unleash your creativity and capture incredible footage with ease.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, planning a complex flight path, or simply enjoying hands-free filming, these intelligent features elevate your aerial photography and videography experience to new heights.

So, get ready to discover the world of possibilities and create stunning visuals with the EXO Mini Pro as your trusty companion.

EXO Mini Pro Battery and Range

EXO Mini Battery and Range

Battery Capacity and Impact on Flight Time

The EXO Mini Pro is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that ensures extended flight time for capturing those perfect aerial moments. With a battery capacity of 3000mAh, this drone can stay airborne for an impressive duration.

Whether you’re exploring vast landscapes, recording exciting action sequences, or simply enjoying a leisurely flight, the EXO Mini Pro’s battery has got you covered, providing you with ample time to unleash your creativity and capture stunning footage.

Transmission Range and Latency

In addition to its impressive flight time, the EXO Mini Pro offers an excellent transmission range, allowing you to explore the skies and maintain control from a distance.

With a maximum transmission range of 10 kilometers, this drone lets you push the boundaries and venture far and wide.

Furthermore, the transmission latency is kept under 200 milliseconds, ensuring smooth control and real-time video feedback.

This low latency connection enhances the overall flying experience, providing you with a seamless connection to the drone and enabling precise control even during fast-paced maneuvers.

Battery Charge Time and Compatibility

When it comes to recharging the battery, the EXO Mini Pro offers convenience and efficiency. The battery charge time is approximately 90 minutes, allowing you to quickly get back in the air after a brief charging session.

The compatibility with lithium-ion batteries ensures a reliable power source and optimal performance.

Additionally, the option to select a package with multiple batteries provides the flexibility to extend your flight time even further, allowing you to make the most of your aerial adventures without interruption.

Just like a fuel tank that powers a vehicle, the battery of the EXO Mini Pro is the lifeblood that fuels your aerial exploration.

Its generous capacity ensures an extended flight time, while the impressive transmission range and low latency connection provide a seamless and immersive flying experience.

And with quick charging capabilities and compatibility with lithium-ion batteries, the EXO Mini Pro keeps you in the air for longer periods, ensuring that you never miss a moment of capturing stunning visuals from above.

So, gear up, charge your batteries, and get ready to embark on countless aerial journeys with the EXO Mini Pro.

EXO Mini Pro Remote Controller and Connectivity

EXO Mini Remote Controller and Connectivity

Design and Features

The remote controller of the EXO Mini Pro is designed with user convenience and intuitive controls in mind. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands, allowing for extended periods of piloting without discomfort.

The layout of the buttons and joysticks is well-thought-out, providing easy access to essential functions and ensuring precise control over the drone’s movements.

With the remote controller in hand, you’ll feel like a true pilot, ready to explore the skies and capture stunning aerial footage.

Flight Range and Stability

When it comes to flight range and connection stability, the EXO Mini Pro delivers an impressive performance.

The maximum flight range allows you to pilot the drone up to a considerable distance, ensuring that you can explore vast areas and capture breathtaking shots from various perspectives.

Additionally, the connection between the remote controller and the drone remains stable throughout the flight, minimizing signal disruptions and providing a seamless flying experience.

This stability is crucial for maintaining control and capturing smooth footage, even when operating the drone at the outer limits of its flight range.

Compatibility and Operating Systems

The EXO Mini Pro remote controller offers versatility in terms of device compatibility and operating systems. Whether you’re an iOS user or an Android enthusiast, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the controller for a comprehensive and immersive flying experience.

The compatibility with different devices ensures that you can use your preferred device to access the app’s features, monitor the drone’s camera feed, and control its flight.

This flexibility allows you to make the most of the EXO Mini Pro’s capabilities, regardless of the device you prefer to use.

The remote controller is the gateway to unlocking the full potential of the EXO Mini Pro. With its user-friendly design and intuitive controls, you’ll feel confident and in control as you navigate the skies.

The impressive flight range and stable connection ensure that you can explore vast distances without compromising control or sacrificing video quality.

And with its compatibility with various devices and operating systems, you have the freedom to choose the device that suits your preferences and enjoy a seamless and immersive flying experience.

So, grab the remote controller, connect your device, and get ready to embark on thrilling aerial adventures with the EXO Mini Pro at your command.

EXO Mini Pro Software and User Experience

EXO Mini Software and User Experience

EXO Fly Blackhawk App

Let’s explore the EXO Fly Blackhawk app that accompanies the EXO Mini Pro drone. This user-friendly app serves as your co-pilot, providing you with a range of features and functionalities to enhance your drone flying experience.

From flight controls and camera settings to intelligent flight modes and more, the EXO Fly Blackhawk app puts the power in your hands. With its intuitive interface and easy navigation,

you’ll quickly familiarize yourself with the app and take full control of your drone’s capabilities. It’s like having a command center right at your fingertips.

User Experience

The user experience of operating the EXO Mini Pro is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot or a beginner taking your first flight, the EXO Mini Pro caters to all skill levels.

Its intuitive controls and responsive handling make it a breeze to fly, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning footage and exploring the skies.

The EXO Mini Pro responds seamlessly to your commands, giving you a sense of control and confidence during every flight. It’s a user experience that truly enhances your aerial adventures.

Setup, Drone Assembly, and Controller

Setting up the EXO Mini Pro is a hassle-free process that ensures you get in the air quickly. The initial drone assembly is straightforward, requiring no specialized tools or technical expertise.

Within minutes, you’ll have your EXO Mini Pro ready for flight. Connecting the controller and app is equally simple.

With clear instructions and intuitive pairing, you’ll establish a seamless connection between the controller and your smartphone or tablet.

The ease of setup allows you to spend less time on technicalities and more time enjoying the thrilling experience of piloting the EXO Mini Pro.

EXO Mini Pro Pros and Cons

EXO Mini Pros and Cons


  1. Excellent Flight Performance: The EXO Mini Pro showcases outstanding flight performance, with agile maneuverability and impressive top speeds. It’s a joy to pilot, whether you’re capturing cinematic footage or simply enjoying recreational flights.
  2. High-Quality Camera: With its 4K video resolution and 48MP photo resolution, the EXO Mini Pro’s camera produces stunning visuals. The 3-axis gimbal stabilization ensures smooth and professional-looking footage, while features like HDR and Night Mode allow for exceptional results even in challenging lighting conditions.
  3. Intelligent Flight Features: The EXO Mini Pro comes packed with a range of intelligent flight features that enhance the flying experience. From Follow-Me and Waypoint Fly to Gesture Commands and Wind Resist Mode, these features empower you to capture dynamic shots and explore creative possibilities.
  4. Portable and Foldable Design: The compact and foldable design of the EXO Mini Pro makes it highly portable. It easily fits into a carry bag and can accompany you on all your adventures, whether you’re hiking to a breathtaking viewpoint or traveling to remote locations.


  1. Limited Battery Life: One area where the EXO Mini Pro could see improvement is its battery life. While it offers a respectable flight time of up to 40 minutes, more demanding users may find it beneficial to invest in additional batteries to extend their flying sessions.
  2. Lack of External Memory Card Slot: The EXO Mini Pro relies on built-in storage options of 64GB or 128GB, which may not be sufficient for those who capture a significant amount of high-resolution footage. Users who prefer the flexibility of using external memory cards may find this limitation somewhat restrictive.
  3. Learning Curve for Beginners: While the EXO Mini Pro is suitable for both beginners and experienced drone pilots, newcomers to the world of drones may experience a learning curve. Familiarizing oneself with the controls, flight modes, and intelligent features may require some practice and patience.

By considering the pros and cons, you can determine whether the EXO Mini Pro aligns with your needs and expectations.

Its remarkable flight performance, high-quality camera, and intelligent features make it a compelling choice for aerial photography and videography enthusiasts.

However, the limited battery life and absence of an external memory card slot may be factors to consider depending on your specific requirements.

Ultimately, it’s important to weigh these aspects against your priorities and intended use to make an informed decision.

EXO Mini Pro Value for Money and Customer Support

EXO Drones Customer Support

Value for Money

The EXO Mini Pro truly delivers value for money with its impressive features and performance. Priced competitively, this drone offers a host of advanced functionalities that rival higher-end models in the market.

From its high-resolution camera and intelligent flight features to its robust construction and reliable flight performance, the EXO Mini Pro packs a punch in terms of what it offers for its price range.

Whether you’re an aspiring aerial photographer or a recreational flyer, the EXO Mini Pro provides a compelling combination of quality, features, and performance that ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Pricing Options, Packages, and Battery Configurations

EXO Drones understands that customers have varying needs and preferences. To cater to different requirements, they offer various pricing options and packages for the EXO Mini Pro.

This includes the flexibility to choose the number of batteries included in the package, allowing you to customize your purchase based on your intended usage and desired flight time.

The availability of different packages ensures that you can find one that suits your budget and requirements, providing you with the best value for your investment.

Customer Support

One aspect that sets EXO Drones apart is their emphasis on customer support. They go the extra mile to ensure their customers have a positive experience with their products.

With a range of customer support services, including tutorial videos and a free Part 107 course, they empower users to make the most of their EXO Mini Pro.

The tutorial videos provide step-by-step guidance on setup, operation, and troubleshooting, making it easier for beginners to get started.

Additionally, the free Part 107 course is a valuable resource for those interested in obtaining the necessary certification for commercial drone operation.

This commitment to customer support reflects EXO Drones’ dedication to ensuring their customers have the knowledge and skills to maximize their drone’s capabilities.

By offering a combination of impressive features, competitive pricing options, and comprehensive customer support, the EXO Mini Pro and EXO Drones demonstrate their commitment to delivering value to customers.

With their focus on empowering users and providing resources for success, they ensure that you not only receive a top-notch drone but also the guidance and support needed to make the most of your aerial adventures.

When you choose the EXO Mini Pro, you’re not just investing in a high-quality drone, but also in a brand that stands behind its products and strives to exceed customer expectations.

EXO Mini Pro Shipping and Returns

EXO X7 Ranger Plus Shipping and Returns

Free Standard Shipping

EXO Drones understands the importance of timely delivery and offers free standard shipping for all orders within the USA.

This means that you can enjoy the convenience of having your EXO Mini Pro drone delivered to your doorstep without incurring any additional shipping charges.

The availability of free standard shipping adds further value to your purchase, allowing you to save on delivery costs while eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new drone.

Time For Orders and Duration

Once you’ve placed your order for the EXO Mini Pro, EXO Drones aims to ensure a prompt handling time.

While the specific duration may vary depending on factors such as order volume and location, you can typically expect your order to be processed and prepared for shipment within a reasonable timeframe.

The goal is to minimize any unnecessary delays and get your EXO Mini Pro ready for dispatch as quickly as possible.

Return Policy

In the unlikely event that you encounter a manufacturing defect with your EXO Mini Pro drone, EXO Drones offers a 15-day return policy to address such issues.

This return policy allows you to initiate a return and have the defective unit replaced or repaired.

It’s important to note that the return policy specifically applies to manufacturing defects and not to situations where the drone has been damaged due to user error or mishandling.

By providing this return policy, EXO Drones demonstrates their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving any potential manufacturing issues that may arise.

With their free standard shipping, efficient handling times, and a dedicated return policy for manufacturing defects, EXO Drones aims to make the entire purchasing process seamless and hassle-free.

They understand the importance of a smooth shipping experience and stand behind the quality of their products.

By offering these shipping and returns policies, EXO Drones instills confidence in their customers, assuring them that their satisfaction is a top priority.

When you choose the EXO Mini Pro, you can expect a streamlined shipping process and the assurance that any manufacturing defects will be promptly addressed.

Final Thought on EXO Mini Pro Review

Meet EXO Mini The Most Powerful Mini Drone Ever Created24 min

Throughout this review, we’ve explored the key aspects of the EXO Mini Pro drone and the company behind it, EXO Drones.

We’ve learned about EXO Drones’ mission to provide innovative and affordable drones, their strategic partnerships, and their commitment to customer support.

Performance, Features, and Value For Money

When it comes to the EXO Mini Pro itself, it certainly packs a punch. With its compact and foldable design, it’s a portable powerhouse ready to take flight.

The drone’s impressive specifications, including its high-resolution camera, intelligent flight features, and reliable performance, make it a compelling choice for both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The EXO Mini Pro’s ability to capture stunning aerial imagery, coupled with its user-friendly interface and robust construction, ensures a delightful and rewarding flying experience.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

In conclusion, the EXO Mini Pro is a drone that lives up to its claims. Its value for money, coupled with the comprehensive customer support offered by EXO Drones, sets it apart from the competition.

Whether you’re an aspiring aerial photographer, a videographer, or simply someone looking to explore the world of drones, the EXO Mini Pro offers a perfect balance of performance, features, and affordability.

Considering its impressive specifications, intelligent flight capabilities, and the added value of the bundled accessories and training resources, the EXO Mini Pro is a drone that delivers on its promises.

With EXO Drones’ commitment to customer satisfaction and their dedication to continuously improving their products, investing in the EXO Mini Pro is a decision that won’t disappoint.

So, if you’re looking for a drone that combines power, versatility, and an exceptional user experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the EXO Mini Pro.

It’s an investment that will elevate your aerial photography and videography endeavors while providing endless opportunities for creative exploration.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your drone flying adventures to new heights with the EXO Mini Pro.

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