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Hey there, fellow drone enthusiast! Welcome to my article on BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Review.

If you’ve found your way here, chances are you’re on the hunt for some real insights into the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO. 

Maybe you’re thinking about adding this agile little quadcopter to your collection, or perhaps you’re just curious about its performance and features.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been there, scouring the web for honest opinions and practical advice before making a drone purchase, and I get it.

The excitement of exploring the skies and capturing breathtaking aerial footage is a feeling like no other.

So, here’s the deal: I’ve delved deep into the world of the METEOR 75 PRO, digging through forums, poring over Amazon reviews, and watching countless YouTube videos from fellow drone enthusiasts.

I wanted to provide you with the most accurate and trustworthy information possible, just like I would for a close friend.

You see, it’s not just about specs and numbers; it’s about how this quadcopter actually performs in the real world. I’ve gathered all that insight, and I’m excited to share it with you.

If you’re seeking a genuine solution to your questions about the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO, you’re in the right place.

In the following pages, I’ll take you on a journey through its design, camera performance, flight capabilities, and everything in between.

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just getting started in the world of FPV drones, my goal is to provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s uncover the full story of the METEOR 75 PRO. It’s time to get those propellers spinning and explore the skies like never before!


About Company

The company

You know, when it comes to diving into the world of FPV drones, understanding the company behind the product can be just as crucial as knowing the specs of the drone itself. That’s where BETA FPV comes into play.

Picture this: it’s 2017, and a group of drone enthusiasts, much like you and me, decided to take their passion to the next level. They founded BETA FPV, and from the get-go, their mission was crystal clear – to make FPV drones and parts that not only rocked in quality but also opened the doors of this thrilling hobby to as many people as possible.

Fast forward to today, and you’ve got a company that’s all about creating drones that are pure joy, whether you’re racing them like a pro or just getting started in the FPV world. And trust me, they’ve made quite a name for themselves, so when you hear BETA FPV, you can expect some FPV goodness.

Company’s mission and values:

Now, let’s talk mission and values, because this is where things get interesting. BETA FPV is all about innovation, R&D, and quality, which are the gold standards in the FPV industry.

They’ve got teams of passionate folks who work around the clock to cook up products that aren’t just slapped together but carefully crafted.

You see, BETA FPV isn’t just about selling drones; it’s about curating experiences. They’re on a mission to help more people get into the FPV hobby, to share the thrill of flying, speed, and exploration.

When they say innovation, they mean it – they want their drones to stand out from the crowd, to be a cut above the rest.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie with dreams of soaring through the skies, BETA FPV’s got a little something for everyone. And that’s a company you can trust, one that’s here to make your FPV journey unforgettable.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Package Contents

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 9 49 screenshot min

Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Quadcopter

Alright, let’s get down to unboxing the METEOR 75 PRO! First up, we’ve got the star of the show – the Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Quadcopter. This little guy is the heart and soul of your FPV adventures. It’s the sleek, compact drone that’s going to take you on thrilling flights and capture breathtaking moments from the sky.

2 * BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery

Now, you can’t fly without power, can you? That’s where these two BT2.0 550mAh 1S batteries come into play. They might look small, but they pack a punch. These are your energy capsules, giving you the juice to stay in the air and explore to your heart’s content. Plus, having two of them means you can extend your flying sessions without worrying about running out of power too soon.

Type-C USB Cable

Every gadget needs a good ol’ charging buddy, and this Type-C USB cable is just that. It’s your lifeline for juicing up those batteries. Plug it into a standard USB port, and you’re good to go. It’s simple, it’s versatile, and it ensures you’re always ready for your next flight.

BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

Now, charging isn’t just about plugging in and waiting. With the BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester, you get to keep a close eye on your batteries. It not only charges them up but also tells you their voltage. It’s like having a personal battery doctor right in your kit, ensuring your power sources are in tip-top shape.

4 * 45mm 3-Blade Props (1.5mm Shaft)

Props are like the shoes for your drone, and you’ve got four pairs of these Gemfan 45mm 3-Blade Props. They’re the ones responsible for generating that thrust and maneuverability in the air. Plus, with a 1.5mm shaft, they’re designed to fit perfectly and keep your flights smooth and steady.


We’ve got you covered even when it comes to the nitty-gritty stuff. The included screwdriver is your trusty tool for any adjustments or tweaks you might need to make along the way. It’s those little details that can make all the difference in your flying experience.

Pack of Screws

Speaking of details, the pack of screws is a lifesaver. You never know when you might need an extra one or two to keep everything securely in place. They’re like the spare keys to your drone’s world, ensuring nothing goes awry.

Accessories for Canopy

Last but not least, you’ve got the Accessories for Canopy. These are like your drone’s fashion accessories, adding an extra layer of protection and style. They’re lightweight, durable, and heat-resistant, keeping your canopy and electronics safe while you explore the BETA FPV METEOR 75PEO skies.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Specifications

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 3 44 screenshot min
ItemMeteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Quadcopter
Motors1102 22000KV Motor
BatteryBT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery
FrameMeteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame
PropellersGemfan 45mm 3-Blade Propellers
CameraC03 FPV Camera
Camera Tilt30°/20°
CanopyCanopy for Micro Camera (2022 version)
FC&ESCF4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G) V2.0 or F4 1S 5A FC (SPI Frsky) V3.0
Receiver OptionsELRS2.4G, Frsky/PNP, TBS Crossfire
VTX (Video Transmitter)M03 25-350mW VTX
Flight TimeApproximately 6:40

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Design And Build

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 3 27 screenshot min

Drone’s physical design and build quality

Alright, let’s dive into the METEOR 75 PRO’s design and build quality. Picture this drone as a pocket-sized powerhouse. It’s compact, lightweight, and it fits snugly in your hand. The first thing you’ll notice is its sleek frame, designed to be both functional and stylish.

The build quality, considering the price range, is surprisingly decent. It’s got a robust feel to it, and it’s clear that BETA FPV put thought into making it durable enough to handle some bumps and bruises during your flights.

The arms are sturdy, and the overall design is streamlined, which not only looks cool but also enhances aerodynamics. In the world of FPV drones, where agility and speed matter, the METEOR 75 PRO’s physical design makes it a great pick for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

The frame, size, and materials used

Now, let’s zoom in a bit and talk about the frame, size, and materials used. The frame, as mentioned, is designed specifically for the METEOR 75 PRO. It’s built to accommodate those 45mm 3-blade props we discussed earlier, which is a great match for this size of quadcopter.

Speaking of size, it’s a true whoop in terms of dimensions – small enough to fly indoors without knocking over your houseplants but also agile enough for some outdoor acrobatics. The materials used are fairly standard for drones in this category, a mix of lightweight yet durable plastics.

Sure, it’s not a high-end carbon fiber frame, but it’s enough to keep the weight down while maintaining durability. So, in terms of design and build, the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO strikes a balance between affordability and performance, making it a worthy choice for those looking to get into the FPV game without breaking the bank.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Camera Performance

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 3 44 screenshot min

The C03 FPV camera’s performance

Alright, let’s talk about what you’re really curious about – how the C03 FPV camera performs. You know, it’s the eyes of your drone, and having a good camera is key to capturing those epic moments. Now, the C03 does a decent job, considering the METEOR 75 PRO’s price point.

It offers a clear view of your flight path and surroundings, and the colors are surprisingly vibrant. However, it’s important to set your expectations right – this isn’t a high-end, professional-grade camera.

It’s more like your trusty smartphone camera – it does the job well for casual photography, but don’t expect studio-quality shots.

In well-lit conditions, you’ll get some pretty impressive footage, and it’s great for capturing the essence of your flights. But in low light or challenging lighting situations, it might struggle a bit.

So, all in all, it’s a camera that suits the drone’s overall profile – great for fun, casual flying, and capturing memorable moments, but not for professional cinematography.

Specifications, including resolution and field of view

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details. The C03 FPV camera sports a resolution that’s on par with many entry-level drones – it’s not going to rival the high-end photography drones, but it’s more than enough for your FPV adventures.

You’re looking at a resolution that’s sufficient for clear and detailed videos and photos. As for the field of view, it’s designed for an immersive flying experience. It captures a wide perspective, so you can soak in the scenery as you zip through the air. Remember, it’s all about that FPV thrill.

So, while the camera isn’t breaking any records, it’s still a solid performer that does justice to the METEOR 75 PRO’s capabilities. It’s like having a trusty companion who might not be a professional photographer but still captures those moments that make your flights unforgettable.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Flight Performance

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 8 45 screenshot min

Flight capabilities, agility, and responsiveness

Now, let’s talk about the METEOR 75 PRO’s flight performance – the part that gets your adrenaline pumping! This little guy, with its 1102 22000KV motors, is like a pocket rocket.

It’s surprisingly agile and responsive, which makes it a blast to fly, especially for those heart-pounding acrobatic maneuvers.

You’ll find yourself darting through tight spaces, doing flips and rolls with ease. The METEOR 75 PRO is like the nimble athlete of the drone world, always ready to perform at your command.

It’s not going to compete with high-end racing drones, but it sure knows how to put on a show, whether you’re indoors or taking it for a spin outdoors.

It’s the kind of performance that’ll put a smile on your face, even if you’re just flying around your backyard.

The motors, propellers, and overall flying experience

Let’s break it down a bit further. Those 1102 22000KV motors are what give this quadcopter its pep. They’re like the heart of the METEOR 75 PRO, pumping out power that keeps it zipping through the air.

Matched with those 45mm 3-blade props, you’ve got a combo that’s all about thrust and precision. It’s like having a sports car with a turbocharged engine and the perfect set of tires – you’re in for a thrilling ride.

The overall flying experience is a mix of excitement and control. It’s responsive to your every move, whether you’re navigating tight indoor spaces or tearing through outdoor courses. Of course, keep in mind that this drone isn’t built for extreme long-range flights or capturing cinematic aerial footage.

It’s all about the sheer joy of flying, and in that department, the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO delivers in spades. It’s the kind of experience that’ll have you itching to take it for another spin as soon as you land.

BETA FVP METEOR 75 PRO Intelligent Flight Features

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 8 7 screenshot min

Ultra-Powerful Performance

Let’s talk about the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO‘s intelligent flight features, and trust me, it’s got a few tricks up its sleeves. First off, the ultra-powerful performance – this drone is like the sports car of the FPV world.

Those 22000KV 1102 motors scream power, and when paired with the BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery, you’re in for a wild ride. It’s like putting your foot on the gas pedal and feeling that instant surge of speed.

Whether you’re racing through obstacle courses or pulling off jaw-dropping acrobatics, the METEOR 75 PRO’s power is your ticket to the thrill of FPV flying.

 Specialized Frame and Propeller Combo

Now, let’s dive into the specialized frame and propeller combo. This drone isn’t just slapped together; it’s been thoughtfully designed. The frame is tailor-made for 45mm 3-blade props, and let me tell you, this combo is like a match made in heaven.

It’s precise, agile, and offers fantastic flying. It’s like having the perfect pair of shoes for a marathon – it enhances your performance and gives you that competitive edge.

 Upgraded 22000KV 1102 Motors

Those upgraded 22000KV 1102 motors deserve a closer look. They’re like the powerhouse of this drone, generating the thrust that sends you soaring through the skies.

It’s like strapping a jet engine to your back – you’ll feel that surge of power every time you take off. Whether you’re zipping around tight corners or climbing to new heights, these motors have got your back.

BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery

Ah, the BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery – your ticket to extended flight time and robust performance. It’s like having a spare fuel tank in your sports car, giving you the endurance to keep pushing your limits. With this battery, you’re not just flying; you’re on a mission to explore every corner of the FPV world.

F4 1S 5A Flight Controller (SPI Frsky):

Let’s talk control. The F4 1S 5A flight controller, especially in the SPI Frsky version, is like your trusty co-pilot. It keeps your flights smooth and stable, even in challenging conditions. It’s like having an experienced navigator in the passenger seat, ensuring you stay on course.

Enhanced Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

Now, the ESC – it’s not just any controller; it’s enhanced for better performance. Think of it as the conductor of an orchestra, coordinating all the components to produce harmonious flight. It’s all about precision and control, making your flights feel effortless.

Ultralight C03 FPV Camera

The ultralight C03 FPV camera is your window to the world from above. It’s like having a pair of high-definition binoculars in the sky. Whether you’re exploring your surroundings or navigating tight spaces, this camera provides a clear view, capturing every moment in stunning detail.

Durable and Heat-Resistant Canopy

Lastly, the canopy – it’s not just for looks. It’s like the armor that protects your drone’s vital organs. It’s durable, heat-resistant, and ready to shield your METEORS 75 PRO from the elements. So, rain or shine, you’re covered and ready to fly.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Safety Features

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 8 45 screenshot min

Safety features such as fail-safes and obstacle avoidance (if applicable)

Safety first, right? The METEOR 75 PRO may be a pocket rocket, but it’s got some built-in safety measures to keep your flying adventures worry-free.

While it doesn’t boast high-end obstacle avoidance like some of its pricier cousins, it does come with essential fail-safes.

These are like your safety nets when you’re pushing the limits. If, for some reason, you lose signal or things go haywire, the drone has fail-safes in place to make sure it returns home safely or hovers in place until you regain control. It’s like having a co-pilot who’s got your back in case things get a little too adventurous.

These features contribute to safe flying

Now, let’s talk about how these safety features contribute to safe flying. Picture this: you’re out there, cruising through the sky, and suddenly you lose sight of your drone. Panic mode, right? Well, that’s where these fail-safes kick in.

They’re like your guardian angels, ensuring your BETA FPV METEORS 75 PRO won’t just disappear into the wild blue yonder. If it loses contact with your remote, it’ll automatically initiate a return to home procedure.

It’s like setting a waypoint for your drone to find its way back to you. And if it encounters an obstacle mid-flight, it won’t just plow through it like a bulldozer – it’ll react and avoid collisions as best it can.

These features might not be as fancy as some high-end drones with obstacle avoidance systems that can spot a fly on a leaf from a mile away, but they do their job in keeping your flights safe and your drone in one piece.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Battery And Charging

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 8 28 screenshot min

The BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the METEOR 75 PRO’s battery – the BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery. This little powerhouse is like the heart that keeps your drone beating, and it’s got a lot going for it.

With a capacity of 550mAh, it’s like having an extra-long leash for your flying adventures. You’re not going to be constantly tethered to the charger, which is a huge plus.

Plus, the BT2.0 connector is like a high-speed charging port, so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time soaring through the skies. It’s like having a pit crew at your disposal, ready to get you back in the race.

Battery life and charging options

Alright, let’s talk numbers. With the BT2.0 550mAh 1S battery, you’re looking at a flight time of approximately 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Now, I know what you’re thinking – that doesn’t sound like a lot, right?

Well, in the world of FPV racing and acrobatics, those 6 minutes and 40 seconds feel like an eternity. And here’s the cool part – thanks to that BT2.0 connector, you’ve got a couple of charging options. You can use the included BT2.0 battery charger and voltage tester for a quick top-up, or you can opt for a parallel charging board to juice up multiple batteries simultaneously.

It’s like having multiple pit stops during a race, ensuring you’re always ready for the next lap. So, while the flight time might seem short on paper, it’s all about quality over quantity with the METEOR 75 PRO.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Remote Controller And Connectivity

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 4 46 screenshot min

Remote controller’s design and functionality

Now, let’s take a look at the METEOR 75 PRO’s trusty companion – the remote controller. It’s not just a basic joystick; it’s your direct link to the skies. The design is sleek and ergonomic, fitting comfortably in your hands like a well-worn game controller.

The sticks are precise, and the buttons are conveniently placed for easy access. It’s like having the perfect instrument to play a symphony in the sky.

The functionality is straightforward and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced pilots. It’s like driving a car with all the essential controls right at your fingertips – no distractions, just pure flying fun.

Connectivity options and range

Now, let’s talk connectivity. The METEOR 75 PRO doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to staying connected. It offers a solid 2.4GHz connection that ensures minimal interference during your flights. It’s like having a private radio channel for your drone.

The range is quite impressive too, giving you the freedom to explore the skies without feeling tethered. You can expect a range of up to 200 meters, which is like having a football field-sized playground for your aerial adventures.

So, whether you’re zipping through tight spaces or cruising at a distance, the BETA FPV METEORS 75 PRO‘s connectivity has got you covered.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Software And User Experience

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 8 11 screenshot min

User interface and software features

Now, let’s dive into the digital realm of the METEOR 75 PRO – its user interface and software features. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a breeze to navigate even for newcomers.

It’s like the difference between a clunky old computer and a sleek, modern one. You’ll find yourself spending less time fumbling with settings and more time flying. The software features are where things get exciting. You’ve got access to various flight modes and customization options that cater to different skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for stability or an expert craving acrobatics, the METEORS 75 PRO’s software has got you covered. It’s like having a versatile Swiss army knife in your pocket, ready to adapt to any situation.

The software enhances the overall user experience

Now, let me tell you how this software enhances your overall user experience. Imagine this – you’re a musician, and the METEOR 75 PRO’s software is like your instrument. It allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your flight, from adjusting the camera angle mid-flight to tweaking the drone’s responsiveness.

It’s like composing a masterpiece in the sky. Plus, the software ensures a smooth and stable flight, even in challenging conditions. It’s like having an autopilot that keeps your drone steady, no matter how turbulent the skies may get.

So, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, the METEOR 75 PRO’s software is your trusted co-pilot, enhancing your flying adventures every step of the way.


BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 3 44 screenshot min


  1. Affordability: One of the standout features of the METEORS 75 PRO is its wallet-friendly price tag. It’s like getting a premium drone experience without breaking the bank.
  2. Agility and Responsiveness: Thanks to its powerful motors and well-designed frame, this little beast is incredibly agile and responsive. It’s like having a sports car in the sky, ready to perform breathtaking maneuvers.
  3. Versatile Software: The user-friendly software offers a range of flight modes and customization options, catering to pilots of all skill levels. It’s like having a personal flight instructor right at your fingertips.
  4. Solid Connectivity: The 2.4GHz connection ensures minimal interference and a range of up to 200 meters, giving you plenty of room to explore.
  5. High-Quality Camera: For its size and price, the C03 FPV camera delivers surprisingly good image quality, perfect for capturing your aerial adventures.
  6. Durable Canopy: The ultralight, heat-resistant canopy provides excellent protection for your drone, ensuring it can withstand some rough landings.


  1. Limited Flight Time: Like most whoops, the METEORS 75 PRO offers a relatively short flight time of around 6 minutes and 40 seconds. It’s like a rollercoaster ride – thrilling but over quickly.
  2. Toy-Grade Build: While it’s sturdy enough for most indoor and outdoor flights, the BETA FPV METEORS 75 PRO‘s build quality leans more toward the toy-grade category, so it may not handle heavy crashes well.
  3. Basic Obstacle Avoidance: This drone doesn’t come with advanced obstacle avoidance features, so you’ll need to rely on your piloting skills to steer clear of obstacles.

BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO Warranty, Shipping, And Return Policy

BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 5 34 screenshot min

Warranty provided by BETA FPV

When investing in a drone, it’s always reassuring to know that the manufacturer has your back. BETA FPV understands this, and they offer a warranty that brings peace of mind to your flying adventures.

It’s like having a safety net for your investment. The specifics of the warranty can vary, so it’s a good idea to check the details on their website or with your retailer. Generally, they cover manufacturing defects and ensure that your drone arrives in pristine condition.

However, it’s essential to note that warranties typically don’t cover accidents or pilot errors, so responsible flying is still crucial.

Shipping options and return policies

Let’s talk about the logistics – how you’ll get your hands on the METEOR 75 PRO and what happens if you change your mind. BETA FPV provides various shipping options, often allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

It’s like having a menu of delivery services at your disposal. Now, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to return the drone, BETA FPV also has a return policy in place.

However, just like with warranties, the specifics can vary, so it’s wise to review their return policy on their website or consult with your retailer before making a decision. Having clear shipping and return options makes the entire buying process smoother and more user-friendly.


BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro perfect tiny whoop for FPV beginners or IGOW rippers 3 27 screenshot min

Key points from the review

So, here we are at the end of our journey through the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO. We’ve covered a lot of ground, from its intriguing features to its flight performance.

To sum it up, this drone is a remarkable piece of technology, especially considering its price point.It offers an exhilarating flying experience, with agile movements and a powerful motor.

The camera, although not top-of-the-line, provides decent image quality for recording your flights. While it does have some limitations, like a relatively short flight time and a toy-grade build, these are understandable given its affordability.

Recommendations for potential buyers

So, should you consider adding the METEOR 75 PRO to your drone collection? If you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of FPV racing or just want a budget-friendly drone to enjoy some acrobatic flying, this could be an excellent choice.

It’s easy to fly, has a good range, and won’t empty your wallet. However, if you’re a seasoned FPV enthusiast or a professional drone pilot looking for advanced features and extended flight times, you might want to explore other options in BETA FPV’s lineup or in the broader drone market.

In conclusion, the BETA FPV METEOR 75 PRO is a fantastic entry point into the world of FPV flying, offering a taste of the excitement without a hefty price tag. It’s like getting a sports car experience for the price of a compact sedan – thrilling and budget-friendly

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