5 Best Places To Fly A Drone In West Virginia (2024)

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In this article, we’ve scouted out the best places to fly a drone in West Virginia.

West Virginia is home to some of the most stunning and untamed terrain on the East Coast, making it a year-round haven for outdoor adventure. Playgrounds for hiking, camping, caving, rock climbing, white water rafting, boating, and fishing may be found in its untamed mountain terrain, heavily wooded wilderness regions, and swift rivers. Ski resorts provide a variety of snow sports in the winter.

While many visitors come to the state for these outdoor pursuits and picturesque landscapes, West Virginia actually has a lot more to offer in terms of tourist attractions, from the historic sites of Harpers Ferry and the elegant Greenbrier and its renowned golf courses to some very unusual attractions.

In this article, I will reveal to you where to fly your drone in the United States, as well as where it is permitted and not permitted by the law to fly a drone. I will also offer regulatory guidance to assist you in maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Drone Regulations In West Virginia

The federal drone laws governing drone operations in West Virginia, which were created by the Federal Aviation Administration, classify drone operations as either recreational or commercial.

Federal Regulations In West Virginia

Recreational drone pilots are subject to the FAA rules for recreational flyers, which require them to register their drones if they weigh more than 250 g and complete The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) before they can operate their drone for recreational purposes in the United States of America.

Commercial drone pilots are subject to FAA rules for commercial pilots, which require them to follow The Part 107 regulations, complete a multiple-choice exam, and earn a drone pilot certification from the FAA before they can operate their drone for commercial purposes in the United States of America.

Huntington is a city in Cabell and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of West Virginia. It is the county seat of Cabell County.
Best places to fly a drone in west virginia.
Huntington is a city in Cabell and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of West Virginia.

When flying within five miles of an airport, drone pilots are no longer needed to independently contact air traffic control. Instead, to obtain airspace authorization to fly in regulated airspace near and above numerous airports, both commercial and leisure fliers can use the automated LAANC system. You must apply for airspace authorization if you are operating in Class B, C, D, or E regulated airspace. In areas where LAANC is not available, you can use the FAA Drone Zone or LAANC.

Interested in becoming an FAA-certified drone pilot so you can operate under the Part 107 regulations and make money flying your drone? Check out our industry-leading online training course over at Drone Pilot Ground School.

State and Local Regulations In West Virginia

Here is an in-depth guide to the drone laws in West Virginia that we put together. Be sure to check them out to see the state and local drone laws you need to adhere to in West Virginia. You should always exercise sound judgment when in doubt and adhere to the FAA’s regulations.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice and is solely provided for informative reasons. If there is anything we missed or if you have any further questions, please contact us at info [at] droneller [dot] com, and we will do our best to assist you.

Best Places To Fly A Drone In Charleston, West Virginia

Here are my top recommendations for where to fly a drone in Charleston, West Virginia. These places were chosen because of their accessibility, airspace constraints, and tourist attractions.

1. Criel Mound

301 7th Ave, South Charleston, WV 25303, United States

The Criel Mound, commonly referred to as the South Charleston Mound, may be seen in the heart of South Charleston, West Virginia’s Kanawha County, along MacCorkle Avenue.

It is thought that the mound, which is the second-largest Adena mound in West Virginia, was constructed between 250 and 150 B.C. Native Americans may have continued to utilize the site as late as 1650, according to some evidence.

The Criel Mound was formerly one of 50 prehistoric earthworks and mounds that stretched from the location of present-day Charleston, West Virginia, to a location close to the Institute.

Most were destroyed when the Kanawha Valley became industrialized in the years that followed the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway’s completion in 1872.

The Criel mound is big enough for a drone to launch from and land on.

2. Daniel Boone Park

2901 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston, WV 25311, United States

Daniel Boone Park is a public picnic shelter with a boat ramp. The park was named after Daniel Boone because it is believed that Daniel Boone lived in a cave near where the park is now. Boone also had a residence near the park on the south bank of the Kanawha River.

In addition to having a boat launch, Daniel Boone Park is bordered to the north by Interstate 64 and to the south by the Kanawha River. Despite the park’s tiny size, you may fly next to the river.

3. Little Creek Park

1 Little Creek Park Rd, South Charleston, WV 25309, USA

Little Creek Park is a park located off of Spring Hill Avenue on the west side of South Charleston, West Virginia. Ten picnic shelters are available for hire in the large area, which are fully furnished with bathrooms, electricity, grills, and different recreational amenities.

The ancient saw mill, a natural spring, and the “Devil’s Tea Table” rock formation are some of the sites you can observe from your drone in the sky. The park is open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. for three seasons, from March 1 through October 31.

4. Shoney’s Big Boy Monument

1600 Kanawha Blvd W, Charleston, WV 25387, United States

Shoney’s Big Boy Monument is a big mascot that stands at the top of a pedestal, forever holding up his Big Boy Burger.

There are routes you may use to bike or stroll along the banks of the Kanawha River. You can see Charleston’s downtown area from there. Please be aware that in order to fly here, you must have FAA clearance for LAANC.

Final Thoughts on Where To Fly A Drone In West Virginia

So there you have it: the best places to fly a drone in West Virginia!

I hope you have a great time exploring the beautiful landscape of West Virginia from above. You can also check out where to fly a drone in other states and cities in the United States.

Always remember to obey the federal, state, and local drone laws in West Virginia to avoid having issues with the law and authorities.

And don’t forget to share this article with a friend and other drone pilots who will benefit from this information using the share icons below.

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